Burn's Online Advertising is a company that is devoted to helping businesses
that want to be recongnized better. Our prices are better than
that of the Yellow Pages; and we give your company more recognition
than most other advertising companies. Unlike other advertising companies
Burn's advertising offers an extera service called an information page.
An information page is a full web page devoted to you busness you can put
as much info about your company as you want. You can also put graffics
java,java script(all script must be given in classes),music,and links to
your other site. The general and leagal restrictions are listed below


1:one month membership.
2:three month membership.
3:one year membership.

1:regular(avalable to 1 company)
2:secondary(avalable to 2 comapnies)
3:advanced(avalable to 2 companies)

info pages are pages that would further explain your business to potential
customers. each info page consists of the basic design it will have a
companies name, its logo,and then info and what ever you want to put on it.

This plan is for major companies or any company that is verry successful
and what it is is as follows:
Regular:This plan will give you everything that you would get on an info
membership but you also get your logo on the main page
Secondary:This plan will give you everything you would get on an regular
membership but you also get you logo posted on a random image selector
posted on all the logo pages.
Advanced:This plan will give you everything that you would get on an
regular membership but you also get your company's logo on all the logo

well there are five ways to get you companies logo onto my page
1:you can send the logo image VIA E-mail and I will upload it to my site
2:if you have a webpage send me the source code of the logo on that page
VIA E-mail
3:you could send me the graffic on a 3.5" diskett VIA papper mail
4:you could send me the image on a peice of paper VIA papper mail and
I will scan it on to my computer
5:for an additional cost I will create a logo for you (see below)

for an additional cost of $10.00 I will creat a logo for your company
and upload it to my page. All logo's will be judged by my self and any
spacific design ideas from your company will be put under consideration.

PLAN 1...................$50.00
PLAN 2...................$120.00
PLAN 3...................$450.00

LOGO GENERATION..........$10.00


With signing this contract you herby understand the concepts of it and will
follow the agreement
1.if stoped payment occurs with your account all fee's will be charged
directly to your account
2.if bad check is given fee's and penalties will be your companies responsability
penalties may enclude your membership being withdrawled with out notice
3.all prices are subject to change
4.if for any reason Burn's Advertising ceases to exsist all active memberships
will be refunded fully for the current accounts with notice
5.the site of Burn's Advertising is lible to change over time
6.any legal action that may take place will be payed for in full by the
company in choice and not by that of Burn's Advertising pornography or adult language will be accepted in that of images and/or
text for your company
8.Burn's Advertising reserves the rite to withdrawl any membership that
feels that is nessasary refunds will be given unless special cercomstances are given
10.special prices may be given to non-profit organizations(for
more info email me at"")
11.if any logo's are generated by Burn's Advertising we hold no
responsavility if it is against your companies ideas and/or the concept
of your company
12Burns Advertising holds no responsibility for loss of customers during
membership with this company
13.if your company wishes to withdrawl its membership before its time
expires it will be done so without refund pages wil be set up by the staff of Burn's Advertising and not
by that of your company; but the contents of the pages will be
parovided by your company
15. the company in choice may not use any other logo except there own
16.records will be made of all affiliation with this company
17.your company will be notified within 2 weeks of experation of membership
if membership expires before payment is receaved membership
will be taken off until payment is receaved
18.if you wish to discontinue membership write DISCONTINUE on the
continuation form
19.all terms are lible to change
20.any company may be rejected at any time if this company seems worthy
21.every month there will be drawrings for contests(contest varies) ifyour
company wins it must contact Burn's Adveritsing within 2 weeks
or will be forfited to anouther company records will be sold of companies affiliation can not advertise anouther company on your information page other advertising companies will be able to advertise on my service

if you have any more questions or would like to advertise with my service
you can contact me at:or by paper mail at:
Burn's Online Advertising
P.O. box 374
W. Lynn MA 01905