the main idea

this companies goal is to provide a service that will help people find
a service that they need easier than looking in the yellow pages and
provide buisnesses with afordable cost advertising for there company.

One of the different things about Burn's Advertizing
is that we offer an extra service called an info page. What an info page is
is a full webpage devoted to your company. You may put anything
you want on these pages with very few exceptions.

there are four ways to get your logo on this page.
1. E-mail me the source code for the image on your web page.
2. E-mail me the grafic that you wish to use and i'll upload it on my
web page.
3. Paper mail me the image and i will scan it to my computer and upload it.
(yes in color)
4. i will make up an image for you and upload it to my site($15.00 extera).

With this plan I will put a graffic on a catogorized page which will have a direct link
to your info page. each info page may be updated once a term.
(you could also update it more than once a term for $5.00 extera)

ther are three diferent plans to this they are as followed:
regular:with this plan you would get the same features as the info plan
but you also get your logo posted on the main page(all logo's have
direct link to info page.)
secondary:with this plan you get the same features as the regular plan
but you also got your logo posted on a random image selector that is
put on all logo pages
advanced:with this plan you get all the same features as the regular plan
but you also get your logo posted on all the logo pages


1-MONTH = $50.00
3-MONTHS = $120.00
1-YEAR = $550.00

REGULAR = $800.00(avalable to one company)
SECONDARY= $1000.00(avalable to two companies)
ADVANCED = $1200.00(avalable to two companies)
Special prices for non-profit organizations. for mor information E-mail me

i you have any questions or would like to advertise here E-mail me