Hi.  My name is David Burn and I am the owner
                 of Burn's Advertising.
                 this company is dedicated to serving companies
                 small or large with reasonable prices.
                 Burn's Advertising also has an extra feature
                 that lets you build your own webpage even if you
                 dont know anything about computers you can
                 just send me what you want on it and
                 i will do it all for you. for more informat
                 about info pages or anything about my company
                 please visit my info page it will provide you
                 with the information that you might want if
                 you have any other questions please E-mail me
                 at burna@usa.net so enjoy your stay at this
                 sight and check out my info page while your
                 here to find out prices and plans.and my if your
                 interested in signing on to my service check out
                 my contract Thanks
                 David Burn
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please e-mail me any questions you have.
or you can paper mail me at:
Burn's On-line Advertising
P.O. box 374 west Lynn,MA 01905
fax-# & phone-# coming soon